The Technological Revolution of Right Now

by Leigh Finke We are, at this very moment in time, living in the midst of a technological revolution. The third great revolution of the human species, after the agricultural and industrial revolutions. Such a claim might seem a bit surprising for some, equally mundane to others. In part, that’s because it is difficult to step back from our own point of view when it … Continue reading The Technological Revolution of Right Now

Technology and the Power to Reshape

by Rev. Angela Denker I’ve always been a big fan of integrating technology into my ministry. During my pastoral internship in Las Vegas, our church livestreamed all five worship services, and pastors were expected to use images and slides for all their sermons. Later in ministry, in my third call, my responsibilities included recording a weekly podcast and developing creative, technology-centered sermon series and worship … Continue reading Technology and the Power to Reshape

Ministry in a Digital World

by Leigh Finke Digital ministry has been a challenge churches have faced for two decades. And it’s been a challenge that, if we are honest, many of us have struggled with. Christianity is an incarnational religion, after all, and digital incarnation just doesn’t feel quite right. We want to be in the same space. Two or more gathered, you know. In Person. That’s part of … Continue reading Ministry in a Digital World

Apps You Can’t Live Without

We asked everyone on the ELCA Youth Ministry Network Facebook Group: What apps (mobile or desktop) do you consider essential for your ministry? What could you not get along without? Here’s what you said! Adobe Spark Amazon Among Us Band Bible Gateway Our Bible The Bible App Canva Constant Contact Dropbox Facebook Facebook Messenger Google Calendar Google Docs Google Drive Google Forms GroupMe Gmail Heads … Continue reading Apps You Can’t Live Without