Planting and Watering

by Dr. Scott Cormode Someday this pandemic will cease. Someday we will emerge from our sheltering in place. Someday our youth groups will meet again. What then? What do we do? At the ECLA Extravaganza in February, Scott Cormode spoke about what comes next. He offered insights on how to innovative in the face of change. This article, taken from his book “The Innovative Church” … Continue reading Planting and Watering

Navigating Through Change

by Kelly Sherman-Conroy “The only thing that is constant is change.” This is a quote from a Greek philosopher. I don’t think I need to quote a Greek philosopher for any of us to know that this is true. God never intended for creation to stay stagnant. Every part of creation is always in constant change, and although we may try to resist it, change … Continue reading Navigating Through Change