You Might Be a Lutheran If…

by Dr. Kelly Sherman-Conroy I recently opened up my email to see this subject title: “You Might Be A Lutheran If…”. I had to ask myself if this was an email worth opening or will it only bring me sadness, anger, and confusion. Before we get into this, let me introduce myself.  I became a spiritual person in terms of my vocation when I was … Continue reading You Might Be a Lutheran If…

Art, Humor and Style

We got in touch with David Hunstad of Old Lutheran to get an inside scoop on the business and its Lutheran identity. Old Lutheran has gone through a transformation in its understanding…and communication of Lutheran identity over the last few years. It is a transformation that happened because the larger community started asking questions about how we as Lutherans identify ourselves and the kind of … Continue reading Art, Humor and Style

Nine Lessons from a Church Planter Emerging from the Pandemic

by Rev. Michael Baughman Construct a generative culture: I’m convinced that church plants, despite being poorly funded and generally unstable, were better positioned to thrive in the pandemic than most congregations. Adaptive change is baked into the early DNA of any successful entrepreneurial venture—church or otherwise. Healthy church plants adapt as they learn more about their community, their mission and their own strengths. They constantly start … Continue reading Nine Lessons from a Church Planter Emerging from the Pandemic

Letters from the Male Box

by Joe Davis As a newlywed, one of my most joyful experiences is learning new ways to be a great husband and friend to my spouse. This has made me increasingly aware of behavioral patterns I’ve picked up throughout my life as a male-bodied person that are not only annoying to my partner, but contribute to larger cultural patterns that are hurting us all. I … Continue reading Letters from the Male Box