Reflections on Pandemic Ministry

by Rev. Marla Rotman One of the things a person has to do to become a pastor is get over their fear of public speaking. I remember back to when I first began—the knees shaking, the sweaty palms, the dry mouth. And, at the time, the best advice out there was, “Imagine everyone in their underwear.” I don’t know about you, but that didn’t cut … Continue reading Reflections on Pandemic Ministry

Reentry into Children’s Ministry

by Ruth Ideen-Sall It is time for reentry to church for families and children after the interruption of the pandemic. The experiences of the past year have marked all of us forever, and perhaps most of all, it has altered the lives of our children. When I think about all the children of my congregation, I have moments of joy for the ways we stayed … Continue reading Reentry into Children’s Ministry

Responding to Moments of Failure in Ministry

by Leigh Finke Few experiences are truly universal—guaranteed to be experienced by every person on earth. It’s possible that there only three: birth, death, and failure. Everybody is born. Everyone will eventually die. And everybody fails. Whatever endeavor you might be working toward, there will inevitably be moments of failure along the way. The question, then, becomes what you’ll do after. In the culture of … Continue reading Responding to Moments of Failure in Ministry